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A photographer struggling with memory loss discovers her pictures may indicate something sinister is hitting close to home.

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Lavender movie full length review - No, no, no..!

Why does Abbie Cornish over-enunciate every single word in this film? Very annoying. And she's also overly styled and made-up in her role. Less make up and a more worn out and 'haunted' look would've made her character and what she's going through more believable and real.

This could have been such an awesome movie with a well written script plus a stronger lead. The dialogues were awkward, at best. Just, no!

But, I did like the setting and the houses, a perfect set-up for a great thriller but again it failed in so many ways: from writing to directing to the whole execution of the film. I was also surprised to see Justin Long in this type of role and film as well.

If you're studying film then watch this to learn how Not to do a film. Otherwise stay away. Yikes.