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Le Gouffre is a 10-min 3D animated short film about two travelers who undertake the construction of a gigantic bridge in order to cross a gulf blocking their way. It was animated, directed and produced by Lightning Boy Studio, a small independent team of three animators living in Montreal, Canada. The project took more than two years of full-time work to complete and was mostly self-financed, getting access to outside funding only at the very end of the production.

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Le Gouffre movie full length review - In some ways, an exceptional little film

"Le Gouffre" is a short animated French film that is amazing in some ways and could use some more work in others. However, most importantly, if left me wanting to see more from the team responsible for making it!

It's important to point out that the story is told without words--so don't worry about having to read subtitles. It begins with two men coming to a huge gorge with no bridge to cross it. Through the course of the film, the pair begin constructing a bridge and with some help from the locals it looks like they might just be able to cross after all.

The story is extremely simple. But the film really impressed me with its cinematic qualities. The music is by far the best thing about the film. It fits perfectly and really gets your blood pounding. The background CGI is also very nice and the film looks amazing. However, my reason for scoring it with only a 6 is that the rendering of the figures isn't great and looks dated and a bit creepy even though the film is new. Animating realistic humans using computers is NOT easy. This, however, can be overcome with experience and better software. Combine improving this with the great style and I really think these folks are headed on the right path.