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Lewis Black taps into his signature outrage and frustration as he tackles the economy, local government, and the 2016 Presidential election.

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Lewis Black: Black to the Future movie full length review - Black at his best

Lewis Black isn't for everyone. I know there there are a bunch of people out there don't find Black funny just because he screams and rants, but I guess that's actually part of the appeal for me.

His anger his so clearly exaggerated for comedic purposes (something he actually kind of admits in this special) that it's hard to actually find the mock anger annoying. For those who don't like Black's style, Lewis Black: Black to the Future isn't going to be the most fun to watch. For those who do enjoy Black's style of humor, this is about as hilarious and entertaining as Black has ever been. I laughed harder at this hour than I have at anything else I've watched this year. While the special is mostly about the 2016 election, there are enough side topics and detours that the majority of the material will still probably hold up once 2016 is over. Black is a very smart comedian, one who does a great job at analyzing and talking about problems without seeming pretentious or preachy. Here, Black delivers a great blend of political commentary and dirty jokes. Even those who don't like political comedy are likely to get a kick out of some of Black's points here. Not every single joke works, and there are couple times where there's a bit too much space between punchlines for my liking, but overall Black to the Future is highly recommended. 8.5/10