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When an ordinary boy Davis, suddenly becomes famous at school as people start to believe he's actually a vampire, vampire expert Cameron helps him act like a real vampire.

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Liar, Liar, Vampire movie full length review - Not worth your time

I am a huge fan of Rahart Adams which was my main reason for watching this movie. To call it sub-par would be inaccurate, it was truly awful. Spoiler: a romance appears between the movie's 2 main characters.

This romance followed the basic "friends-turn-relationship" guidelines but was both cheesy and unsatisfying. There is a major flaw in the main character Davis. He begins as "dork" of sorts but seems to lose nearly all of his "dorkiness" in a moment's notice without any valid reason. As for the other characters all but Caitlyn seem to be reasonably believable. The theme the movie attempts to convey is to be yourself. However, the movies fails to develop the main character far enough to show his acceptance of himself. In fact, the last sequences of the movie show nearly the entire school as being phony. I was terribly disappointed with this film and will not be watching it again.