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When Rebecca left home, she thought she left her childhood fears behind. Growing up, she was never really sure of what was and wasn’t real when the lights went out…and now her little brother, Martin, is experiencing the same unexplained and terrifying events that had once tested her sanity and threatened her safety. A frightening entity with a mysterious attachment to their mother, Sophie, has reemerged.

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Lights Out movie full length review - Warner Bros. Is The Modern 'Hammer Productions', Temporarily

"Lights Out", the second horror film most anticipated of the year (undoubtedly, the first was "The Conjuring 2") lands in midsummer with an unimaginable reception at the box office, but with unequals from specialized critics.

It's not perfect, and despite it being favored with the production of the horror master of the 21st century, James Wan, it is distant from the works of the producer; nevertheless, gives some well made scares and a few drifts of the conventional decisions in the genre, although, as it is recurrent in the summer, all that promise disappears when they turned on the lights.

As happened with the selfsame Wan at the beginning of the decade with "Saw" and Andrés Muschietti with his short film "Mama", talented Swedish director David F. Sandberg managed the support of New Line and Warner Bros. to adapt his short film from 2013, in a lucrative film of 81 minutes runtime. There have been several cases in which Hollywood accepts the original ideas from shorts (especially, relating to the horror genre) to take them to the big screen; nevertheless, it is complex and expectant the process to extend a simple plot of three-minute into a solid story line for more than one hour. Sandberg knew to create an gloomy atmosphere and in constant movement, but he neglects worthy treatment to a promising premise complicating the solidification of a real modern classic, even so, it is a delight enjoy of the darkness of his invention.

Rebecca (Teresa Palmer) is a young woman who is determined to move away from her home to leave behind inexplicable events that happened in her childhood on account of the psychological disorders of her mother with her imaginary friend, Diana (Alicia Vela-Bailey). However, Martin (Gabriel Bateman) replaces the role of his elder sister in house of his mother, experiencing the apparition of a woman with creepy appearance as soon as lights switch off . Rebecca decides to confront her atavistic fears from childhood and save her family, inquiring into the origin of the mental problems of her mother, Sophie (Maria Bello), uncovering the tragic roots of the supernatural manifestations that haunts them, Diana was a marginalized girl with psychiatric problems due to a skin disease with contact of the light, now, she is an aggressive supernatural appearance in search of a weak mind, unfortunately, she has found a home inside a family that was nuclear.

In addition to each one of the aspects that adorn films of Wan, one of the essential elements is to create strong characters that worry us, characters with credulous foundations; one simple plot, but with heart, with expectation and above all with intense shocks. This lack is present within the film, Palmer and Bello are not light the spark in screen with their performances. The story takes reminiscences of the genre and it is unable to establish the limits of Diana, nevertheless, some of the sequences more stressful are based purely on these.

With multitude of resources such as the setting ( interesting fact: I'm pretty sure that the interiors of the house of Sophie where they filmed "Lights Out" are the same used in Universal's "Ouija" in 2014, with minor modifications; pay attention to details inside the house), lighting and the soundscape manage to hook the audience in a dark spiral to their deepest fears, the cupboard, the blackness under the bed, a bleak basement and of course the universal fear of the darkness.

We are exhausted of diffuse plots that does not lead nowhere, the argument is elementary and simply effective. A narrative that combines with the haunting soundtrack and the admirable cinematography, obtaining sequences makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end during all runtime. With appropriate 81 minutes, it is slips gradually giving clues and delivering cheap jump-scares with an ending belonging to a family drama, nothing suitable for the purpose of the film, but at least, it was decent.

"The Ring", "Dark Water" and even "The Conjuring" are rough references in the movie of Sandberg and even though in occasions he become stagnant to project scares that we already have seen, he provides certain scenes that explore the places more recondite of your mind and they will overwhelm you, until you are under your bed sheets at the midnight. The intermittent light red in the apartment of Rebecca, the confrontation between Diana and Bret and the last thirty-minute take advantage of the resource to the maximum; the film is more than keep you on the edge of the seat, the film stays with you until the darkness of your bedroom and oblige you to remember Diana, unavoidably.

"Lights Out" is the dreamy debut of any director and fulfills with generate excitement about what will deliver David F. Sandberg with Annabelle 2. In a period in where horror films are having a boom spontaneous, the last project of New Line does not exceed the level reached by previous films of the movie producer, nevertheless, it entertains, frightens and even paralyzes. The only function of "Lights Out" is to nurture even more the universal fear to darkness and, Yes, I always switch on light more than three times to assure me that I'm completely alone, however, the silhouette of Diana always is there.