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Set in New York City, the film follows a naive fashion school graduate named Lily who finds her world turned upside down when her reckless best friend Kat announces she’s moving away to London in a matter of days. At a Lower East Side art opening the next night, they meet the enigmatic rising artist Henri, who Lily quickly takes a liking for. With less than seven days left and a new attractor between them, Lily and Kat will find their “unbreakable” friendship put to the test.

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Lily & Kat movie full length review - Very unfocused, but sprinkled with realism

-Lily & Kat (2015) movie review: -This indie-flick drama follows two best friends (in NYC I think), thus the title of the film, but when one of them announces she is moving to London to follow her career. Thus drama and we have our film.

-I cannot really tell what this movie was trying to be. It had some realistic elements and some comical elements, but added things that makes each element less dramatic or focused.

-The story was somewhat original and something that is realistic. It really had trouble focusing on a story as opposed to drama involved in it. Which I guess is at least realistic.

-The pace was good, but it had some trouble wrapping up neatly.

-The two leads had some realistic acting, but some of the supporting cast fell into 'eh' realm trying to be realistic.

-The characters had some depth and realism that made them compelling, but there was no build up or backstory, so you are thrown into their friendship and expected to keep up with the drama. So the development kicks off at the beginning of the film in the middle of this important friendship.

-The music was trying to be The Skeleton Twins. I loved that film and not this one, so I have to disagree with the music arraignment.

-Some of the editing was somewhat pointless. There are a few scenes in the film that really feel out of place and a few weird ones that go unexplained.

-The realism of the film almost makes it compelling and almost makes up for some out-of-place elements, copycat music, and unfocused story. Almost. Unfortunately, I didn't find it memorable or that entertaining. I am going to say that Lily & Kat isn't worth the time.

-It holds a moderate R-rating for some language and some sexual content minus nudity.