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An everyman dies and tries to make sense of his hedonistic afterlife.

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Limbo movie full length review - Truth or Dare

Well no, that is not really an accurate description of this movie as truth actually means dare in here. This 15-minute movie came out in spring this year and was written and directed by Fangso Liu.

Despite the name, this is an English language movie starring Jon Benjamin who I have seen (and liked) in previous projects and who should be known to American audiences at least, maybe from "Archer". He always reminds me of a rougher version of Louis C.K. Anyway, here he plays a man who dies and is sent to hell. However, the only negative thing about hell is that it is not real. It is full of fictitious pleasures including food and sex. Our hero is given the choice to stay there and keep living the sweet life or go and see truth. What will he pick? I personally liked this movie. It's well-written and well-acted by Benjamin although that is pretty much a given. A nice little watch and I recommend it.