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In the greatest bar story ever told, ten friends recount the true tale of surviving their wildest night. After hiring a sketchy limousine service, a rag-tag bunch of hard partiers embark on their New Year's tradition – running naked into the Gulf of Mexico – only to find themselves 24 hours later kidnapped, stripped, stranded, and left for dead. Combining narration of the actual participants with feature-length re-creation, filmmakers Gideon C. Kennedy and Marcus Rosentrater take you on a hilarious ride about getting lost, getting found and getting hammered.

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Limo Ride movie full length review - A wild limo ride

Limo Ride, the movie, chronicles a true life story. You know the type of tale, one of those that stays with you and if you had not lived it, you would not have believed it.

Limo Ride is a frightful youthful night of debauchery. It starts off on a New Year's night as a group of ten friends head down to the beach from Mobile, Alabama to enjoy in the ritual polar bear club dip in the ocean. To add to the adventure they decide to go in style and rent a limo. Limo Ride moves like a reality behind the scenes reality TV show with the narration by the voices of those who were there that faithful day. The story moves quickly and keeps you on edge as you don't know where this journey is going to end. Imagine a redneck "hangover" adventure and this movie takes you on a wild ride in this hilarious legendary tale in Limo Ride. I saw this movie as part of the Atlanta Film Festival.