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A Brother Grimm's Horror Version of the Classic Fairytale.

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Little Red Riding Hood movie full length review - Terrible!

Absolutely ridiculous film, please do not give up your day job (whatever that is) cos it certainly isn't making decent films. The whole story made no sense whatsoever.

Please do more homework before even thinking of making or even writing another screenplay. I was hoping the film would be a true horror as claimed in the description I didn't realise that horror and absolute garbage went together. I think you need to go back to college or university and restudy how to make a good film. It wasn't just the ending that ruined the film was almost every scene, I think whoever allowed you to release such an atrocity needs to be fired on the spot. This is not good film making, I've never heard of the director before and none of my friends have either not even the ones in America and I can now see why. The monsters you could tell were a mixture of make up Halloween costumes and a bit if cgi. I didn't find it believable, I couldn't feel anything for the characters when they were in danger. And I'm not even sure what your point was in the whole film.I think if I was to watch this at home on a Friday night because I was in the mood for a horror, well I'd be sadly mistaken and very disappointed.If anyone is going to recreate a children's story and have a bit of a horror twist to it then the least it should do is make you pee a little from fear. What's next the three little pigs who live off smaller animals.?Hardly scary really is it.?