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A 14-year old boy’s life changes forever when his estranged mother introduces him to the music of The Clash in 1979 London.

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London Town movie full length review - Cool first hand story about a kid who gets introduced to The Clash (in more ways than one)

I really liked Jonathan Rhys Meyers in it as Joe Strummer. It was fun to see him play a real lively character as the front man of The Clash.

The movie itself is more about how a boy named Shay is influenced by the music of the Clash while going through some hard times. His really hot mom (played by Natascha McElhone) left the family to live the life she wanted, while his father (Played by Dougray Scott), plays the classic stereotype of an adult who forgot what it was like to be young and is shifting too much responsibility on his son.

London Town is greatly similar to another Coming-of-Age film, Sing Street (which is a little better), as Shay allows a crush on a punk rock girl to greatly influence his walk down the path of punk, which leads him to meeting Joe Strummer.

The film's formula is very direct, and it's focus on punk rock makes it a perfect persona of the early days of the genre. It's a love letter to The Clash any fan would enjoy.