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A 14-year old boy’s life changes forever when his estranged mother introduces him to the music of The Clash in 1979 London.

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London Town movie full length review - A pleasant little surprise of a movie

No, this is not the greatest movie of all time and it probably won't win any awards but if you're looking for a fun, touching and nostalgic little movie for a warm Sunday afternoon, then give this one a watch.

I'm also a huge Clash fan/softie so I'm a bit biased which also explains my appreciation for such a movie.

It's fairly well packed with colorful characters, scenes and musical performances. Jonathan Rhys Meyers kills it as Joe Strummer, Daniel Huttlestone carries the movie from start to finish, and Nell Williams is perfect as the rebel punk teen girlfriend. Solid cast overall and some heartwarming moments like when Vivian looks on as Shay plays the piano for her for the first time.

Yes, it's a somewhat predictable movie but in the end I didn't care. It was fun to just get lost for a bit back in the early Clash days, even though it's kind of a strange place for a coming-of-age type movie to be. Just don't expect a raw punk account of those days and you'll be just fine.