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A man receives the power to tell if people are good or bad.

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Look Again movie full length review - When "Knowing" Becomes Harmful

A fresh moral story about the idea of intuition versus having the power to know the future, or in this film, know someone's intention or aura. An impressive, human interest feature about relationships and human nature, as touching as it is funny.

Off the top, I love an Indian lead. Anand Rajaram is very strong and pairs well with equally strong female lead Brittany Allen; you can definitely feel the chemistry between them, it's believable. Powerful supporting performances by Darryl Dinn, Christian Potenza, and Joel Keller give the film its life and color. The dialog, the writing is snappy, clever, and hilarious; the film moves at a good pace, keeps you interested. Very impressed by the entire package here and applaud its great execution.

Give this film a chance, amidst all the big budget blockbuster static, open your heart to this independent feature that was, no doubt, meticulously put together by passionate professionals who bleed, sweat, and go sleepless nights to pursue the dream of making a film for audiences to enjoy. Give them your time, it's worth it.