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Patrick returns to San Francisco for the first time in almost a year to celebrate a momentous event with his old friends. In the process, he must face the unresolved relationships he left behind and make difficult choices about what’s important to him.

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Looking: The Movie movie full length review - Boring movie to wrap up a very boring series that banked on its great acting and character development

Alright, the show was really nothing special. Everyone was freaking out over it because we finally got a gay show that didn't constantly shove the gay stereotypes down our throats (even though they are usually right?) but that really was all it had going.

Honestly, I really hated most of the characters aside from Dom, Doris, and Richie. The protagonist was an idiot who kept making terrible choices. I honestly think the show must have had the worst team of writers for any HBO show that ever existed. Richie and Patrick were clearly right for each other, and it always felt incredibly far- fetched that a "goody two shoes," a "prude," someone who didn't like taking risks would have dumped Richie for Kevin.

Sorry, but it just made no sense at all when taking into consideration Patrick's character.I really doubt a real-life person like him would have ever done that, and it really made me so incredibly angry when it happened. Honestly, don't expect anything special from the show or the movie. Pretty much nothing interesting happens, and the only reason anyone should ever watch it is because of the excellent acting and character development.

I doubt a heterosexual person or someone who isn't even a fag hag to begin with would be particularly interested in this series. I only watched it because I liked that it felt like I was hanging out with them all. Unfortunately, though, most hangouts are not interesting enough for the big screen, and that was truly the downfall of this show. The writers of this show should have tried harder to make interesting events occur, and they pretty much just banked on the fact that the LGBT community will eat up anything with good acting that is targeted towards them.

Most of the events felt far-fetched. Agustin's insanity didn't seem very realistic, and his "redemption" was even worse. The ending of this movie made me very happy, though so there is that. However, this movie that should have just been one 20-minute long episode was stretched out to compose a movie, and it really reflects. I didn't even have to really sit down and watch the movie the entire time. I was multi-tasking the whole time I watched it, and I didn't even miss anything.

So, this is a really boring movie to top off a very, very, very boring series. I'm incredibly disappointed in HBO. I think they should have hired actual gay writers because this was just ridiculous. The only reason I'm giving it 3 stars is because of Doris. That woman was awesome.