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The film features Bugs Bunny and Lola Bunny involved in a scheme surrounding the invention of a highly sought-after invisibility spray, which takes them to the streets of New York City and Paris.

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Looney Tunes: Rabbits Run movie full length review - Even though the show disappointed me, this was actually okish!

Now, I wouldn't be too fond of the redesigns of the Looney Tunes characters including Lola but, it is a bit better than the show.

At the beginning of the film, I thought it was gonna be rubbish because, the song they had for Lola was terrible. Especially, they destroyed the song with auto tune.

However after that painful moment hearing Lolas song, I got more interested in looking at the movie. I like the fact it had a good few action scenes, it does remind you a mix of Space Jam or Looney Tunes:Back in Action.

I love Kirsten Wiig but I have to tell you this, I think Rachel Ramras is a better voice actress for Lola than Wiig. The reason i said this because, Lola in Space Jam had a calm voice so Ramras was able to put that off quite well, for an actress who I never even heard of before until this! On the other hand, I think Wiig sounded too exhausting as Lola, I mean Lola is meant to be considered "crazy" but I think Wiig went too far for her character to be honest with you!

Anyways I even loved how Bugs cared more about Lola than on the show. Even though, I don't think him being too openly annoyed suits him still as a character. I loved how they both agreed to become a couple, it gave me such a fuzzy feeling! Oh how it brings back memories when they were together in Space Jam not so long ago, haha. I love them as a couple as always!

Even though again, I'm not happy with the redesigns, Lolas song and the fact, some of the personalities like Bugs still acts as a grumpy sod. For Ramras, the storyline and the memories of Space Jam a bit, I give this movie 5/10.