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A small time crook and a newly-orphaned teenage boy team up to perform a string of robberies.

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Lost in the Sun movie full length review - Expected Worse

Although this indie stretches credibility to the limit, the two lead performances from Josh Duhamel and Josh Wiggins are excellent, and I found it absorbing enough to want to know how it would all turn out in the end.

Duhamel portrays John, a down-and-out ex-con, living in his car, who at the beginning of the movie is seen attending the funeral of a woman. Although initially we're not given his connection to her or her son Louis (Wiggins), it's obvious what the relationship is.

Louis, who's 14-years-old, is about to board a bus to take him to the home of his aging grandparents, in New Mexico, where he will live after the passing of his mother. John, though, intercepts Louis at the bus depot and convinces him to accept a lift by car, instead of the bus. With great hesitancy, Louis finally agrees to go with John.

The remainder of the film will focus on their travels, whereby John, desperate for cash to pay off a dirtbag who's squeezing him for money in return for protecting him in jail, will begin a crime spree committing armed robberies along the way.

Meanwhile, young Louis obviously seeing what's occurring turns back from numerous opportunities to escape or turn in John, as he seemingly is suffering from some type of "Stockholm Syndrome" and developing an attachment to him.

In a supporting role, Lynn Collins is superb as Mary, a drifting sexpot, who meets John at a motel, and Emma Furhmann adds well to the mix as Mary's daughter Rose.

Overall, this movie, written and directed by Trey Nelson, has some major plot holes and an ending that leaves too many unanswered questions, but I still found it engaging and I thought it was a reasonably decent watch, despite its being panned by most pro critics.