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When a radio host gets dumped by her boyfriend on-air and soon has her break up exposed even further by a shock jock, she needs to regain her confidence while working with the same man who humiliated her in front of his viewers.

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Love on the Air movie full length review - Love on the Air

I enjoyed "Love on the Air." The guy, Nick (Jonathan Scarfe) reminded me of Rod Taylor who was my favorite male lead who co-starred with Doris Day in 'The Glass Bottom Boat.

' The lady, Sonia (Alison Sweeney) I can't say she reminded me of Doris Day because no one is that perky, but she was just as likable as her co-star. I preferred the middle of the movie where they were becoming aware of each other and feeling attraction that we could see. All the plot points must be followed so they had to pretend to feint that she was going with the 'old hat,' but then, of course, she didn't. She went with the one we all wanted her to go with so no hissy fits all around. I wish the feint had come a little sooner so we could have seen them happy together for more than thirty seconds at the end. I just jumped back to the middle of the movie and watched them falling for each other again to make up for the lack of time together at the end.