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Richard and Mildred Loving, an interracial couple, married in Virginia 1958. Authorities broke into their home, arrested them, and they were sentenced to a year in the state penitentiary. This sentence was suspended on the condition that they be exiled from the state of Virginia. Richard and Mildred would spend the next nine years fighting to get home. All of this, because Richard was a white man and Mildred a part black, part Cherokee woman.

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Loving movie full length review - Loving's Heart Beats With Real Emotions

Here's the first film I really wanted to see this year. It came to my attention a few months ago, with his wonderful trailer.

Watching the interaction between the leads and with a quick exposure to its theme, I couldn't wait for its release. Unlike many of the films that come loaded with plenty of anticipation and the blessing of critics, this one appeared like it would deliver. The preview trailers never changed, and we couldn't get enough of the soulful expressions of Edgerton and Nigga.

"Loving" is without a doubt one of the best films ever made. Simple, quiet, and touching, it gives us a window into the love story of a couple of people who didn't ask to be come part of a historical landmark case. What becomes obvious from the beginning is just how much these two people love each other. The camera gives us all kinds of perspectives into their lives, as we watch them gaze into each other, give words of encouragement, love, and support. We see the highs and lows, the special moments, the dark events that shake the foundations of what should be a normal life.

Because the performances are low key, with much depending on the enormously talented Edgerton, who tells much with the pain and frustration in his eyes, as things become more and more difficult for the couple. His wife is more vocal as she sets her fight in motion. She knows and understand that change must come, but she remains true to her mate, loving him, trying to respect his decisions, but being an equal as she puts her foot down and demands his support, too.

There are many beautiful scenes in the movie: the birth of their kid, the sacrifices and humiliation they go through when they are deprived of their basic rights by the racist world that surrounds them. Even the very palpable disapproval of what many consider a reckless and dangerous union becomes a source of torture for the couple. It's a difficult world to make rattling moves. These could have dire consequences, and it is a slow realization for Richard (Edgerton) as he slowly realizes that there are many evil and hateful beings out there.

"Loving" is full of delicate, quiet, and strong moments. The attraction and need to protect and support are palpable in the soulful and warm embraces and glances they continuously give each other. There are masterful performances, from the leads to the supporting cast who must bring back to life the dark elements of an era that has refuses to leave this world. Before it was worse because it was not afraid to show its ugly façade; nowadays it's more subtle, not less dangerous.

Run and see it, and you will most likely love it.