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An exciting inside look at the stars of Lucha Libre, Mexico's distinctly colorful brand of professional wrestling, where flesh and blood Superheroes have performed for generations of fans. With unprecedented access to some of the top Luchadores in the world, LUCHA MEXICO goes behind the mysterious mask to explore one of the most cherished traditions of Mexican culture.

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Lucha Mexico movie full length review - Love wrestling movies

This documentary is the real deal and gets into the world of Mexican wrestling in a way I've never seen before. It's entertaining and also gives a lot of insight the lives, the mask and fights.

Features Blue Demon Jr, the late Perro Aguayo Jr, Strongman and Shocker who is the main protagonist of the film. Having seen many sports film this truly captures the lives in an intimate way that typically isn't done, and this made it an entertaining experience. I also enjoyed how the film captures so much of the world, and how Lucha LIbre has changed and evolved into something bloodier. If you think wrestling is fake then you don't get wrestling. This film does a good job to not give way all its secrets.