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There's a deadly zombie epidemic threatening humanity, but Wade, a small-town farmer and family man, refuses to accept defeat even when his daughter Maggie becomes infected. As Maggie's condition worsens and the authorities seek to eradicate those with the virus, Wade is pushed to the limits in an effort to protect her. Joely Richardson co-stars in this post-apocalyptic thriller.

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Maggie movie full length review - I Love Idea of movie seeing Schwarzenegger in zombie flick but i know it could do better

i am in love with Arnold Schwarzenegger so far but i never knew this movie would go straight to Blu Ray and DVD i thought it could be R RATED like walking dead and about survi

ving film seeing Schwarzenegger killing zombies in movie but it's not what you might think of and it's not much gore or action in movie more of drama like walking dead but in different way i know in this movie needs more detail like would the government would take action ? because 1 million people are in infected i mean there just Arnold Schwarzenegger doesn't kill all zombies expect just 2 zombies one scene witch i wanna see more. it's more of Arnold is looking after Maggie because she is infected in case if she turns she is going to turn. there wasn't much of action i would love to see it more of Arnold killing zombies with R RATED GORE Film.

Plot (Arnold Schwarzenegger) Wade Vogel has a daughter Maggie (Abigail Breslin)was hiding and running away from Wade because she is infected armed officials find her put her in Quarantine hospital Wade find out she is infected buy Necroambulist virus she is going to turn into zombie like everyone else. scene you have is when Wade and Maggie stopped at Gas Station looking for her new sun glasses Wade killed 1 zombie buy breaking zombie neck i love idea but it have been more like 1 he killed it then 5 more come he gets Axe or gun or chainsaw kills

them all i love to see that more scenes when he kills 2 zombies in head with Axe could have least could have done it much better i know Arnold knows better then that. i wish this movie could have been R RATED film least we see Arnold killing a lot of zombies while protecting Maggie and better story seeing zombie PG-13 ?? is not right at all i am not saying it's worst movie of all time i like idea seeing Arnold in zombie flick and he's performance what everyone says is fantastic is super b i love Arnold performance in movie but normally movie didn't do much all he does is fixing his truck, chopping logs with Axe, i mean he is not spending too much time with his Maggie because she might die i mean she is infected is going to be zombie. mostly Maggie spends time with His her friends her close friend Allie(raeden greer)is lucky not in infected but Maggie boyfriend Mason (mattie liptak) i wanna see wade i spending more time with Maggie but he does for bit, i mean there is not much to say about this movie all i could say it's for Arnold fans and it could be for everyone to watch when i say it could have been better is

Better Story line like not just Arnold is protecting Maggie staying in house and fixing truck i mean it's a post-apocalyptic drama film like Walking dead Series could have been like that. but you have Scene when he kills only 3 zombies in movie that's it i wish it could have been least R RATED the ending is not that bad but it's empty ending you have that story where he is meant to product her and take her to Quarantine but i don't wanna spoil the story and ending this is in my opinion all i could say it's good movie, great performance from Arnold Schwarzenegger, i love idea to get Arnold in zombie movie Maggie is the second horror-themed film to star Arnold Schwarzenegger, the first being End of Days (1999)least is a better movie then this but least they forgot predator (1989) movie but not much of horror movie seeing Arnold beating up monster but you find out it's a Alien in movie predator i wanna see it more flicks like that but i know that Arnold could do better Action, Drama, Horror flick like Walking Dead R Rated zombie flick. 6.10 it's good movie would i buy it ? when ever i feel like it i have massive Arnold Schwarzenegger Collection this movie wasn't to bad at least it's good movie different style of zombie movie but needs a better director George O Romeo needs to direct this movie to make it better.