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From a young age Magnus Carlsen had aspirations of becoming a champion chess player. While many players seek out an intensely rigid environment to hone their skills, Magnus’ brilliance shines brightest when surrounded by his loving and supportive family. Through an extensive amount of archival footage and home movies, director Benjamin Ree reveals this young man’s unusual and rapid trajectory to the pinnacle of the chess world. This film allows the audience to not only peek inside this isolated community but also witness the maturation of a modern genius.

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Magnus movie full length review - Great film! You don't need to play chess..,

I loved this film, it is entertaining and emotional. I found myself completely on Magnus' side by the end of the film; I felt like a sudden avid chess fan! It is a great film for all the family.

'Magnus' explores his passion and individuality that leads an audience to fully understand why he is the number 1 chess player worldwide; the film unfolds adding narrative upon narrative, layer by layer so I, sitting in the audience, was continually surprised.

I also learnt a lot about chess but also about drive, passion and obsession. It is by following a linear structure with flashback, that Benjamin Rees, the director, allows us to concentrate and follow his journey from protegé to his differentiated self; the emotional aspect of the film is also about his internal journey from boy to man. It is left up to us to emotionally connect to Magnus' journey. We are not told, we see and experience which is the essence of a good film.

'Magnus' works on so many levels but overall it is a thrilling journey about a desire to be the best in the World. In fact I want to see it again. I understand it took 10 years to film and the Executive Producer is a chess player too. The passion behind the camera is realised in front of it too. The audience at the London Film Festival bursts into spontaneous applause as the titles began to roll.

Highly recommended!