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Maigret plunges into the murky Parisian underworld.

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Maigret's Dead Man movie full length review - A masterclass on how TV drama should be made.

A masterclass on how TV drama should be made.

Every camera angle is a painting and not a second is wasted.

(Take note, BBC... there is no need to insert noisy music, misplaced minorities and left wing ideology to make first class drama.)

This time, the second outing of the latest re-boot, Maigret (Rowan Atkinson) almost takes a back seat to the events and characters that surround him. It's a low-energy drama that sees a heavy emphasis on characters and almost none on action.

Also, there isn't much of a story to sink yourself into and unlike the Foyle mysteries, there doesn't seem to be that slow crescendo of suspense that leads to a final act.

This style of drama probably won't appeal much to many people under thirty years old!

But for me, this was a treat... the meticulous yet understated set details (the cars were old and dirty, NOT showroom new and shiny clean!), the disarming harmony between Maigret and Mrs Maigret, the music (which mostly stayed in the background where it should be)... it was British TV drama at it's finest.

I hope that the team that went into this production stay together long enough to churn out a few more just like it. Merry Christmas, me!