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In the 1980s, Charles, an enigmatic con man and a vicious killer and Commisioner Amod Kanth are embroiled in a game of cat and mouse.

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Main Aur Charles movie full length review - Main Aur Charles review

Plot: 'Main Aur Charles' is a work of fiction inspired by true events. It captures the infamous Tihar(Delhi) jailbreak of 1986, and the prime accused in it,'Charles'(of French origin), is a man who's charming, hypnotic, manipulative and dangerous.

Before being imprisoned in Delhi, Charles was the prime suspect in a couple of murders in Bangkok(Thailand), but managed to flee before the law caught up with him. Charles' targets comprise mainly tourists, backpackers and hippies. He's quite a ladies man. He befriends them, woos them, and then deceives them. No doubt, he's referred to as 'The Serpent' in newspapers. He knows 14 languages, and can use the brains of other people. The film narrates the sequence of events leading to his apprehension, his trial in Delhi, the jailbreak which he executed on purpose,his subsequent apprehension in Goa,and the investigation which follows. But more than that,the film gives viewers a peek into the mind of Charles and his mysterious personality where good and bad blend into a charming and mystique grey existence.

Cast: Randeep Hooda as 'Charles' gives a controlled and nuanced performance. Be it his look, his English-French accent, his evil charm, Randeep nails it. After watching the film you'll feel only he could've pulled off this role with so much ease and no one else. This is definitely one of his finest performances and he proves it yet again that he is one of Bollywood's most versatile actors. Richa Chadda as 'Meera' is marvelous. She plays a law student who falls for Charles. She looks really beautiful and carries off her role with elegance. Adil Hussain plays the cop 'Amod Kant' investigating the jailbreak case. He gives a power packed performance and his baritone will really scare you. Nandu Madhav plays the cop 'Sudhakar Zende' who apprehends Charles in Goa after he escapes from Tihar jail. He gives a superb performance. The rest of the cast comprising Alex O'Nell, Vipin Sharma, Tisca Chopra etc. deliver subtle performances.

Direction: Prawaal Raman of 'Darna Mana Hai', 'Gayab' and '404' fame does a splendid job. He's written the screenplay and dialogues as well. He's the real hero of the film.

The brilliant camera-work by Anuj Dhawan, and the crisp editing by Nipun Gupta give the film the edge. The music by Aditya Trivedi is unusual and edgy especially the 'Theme Of Charles' track, and the background score adds to the thriller element in the film. My personal favourites from the album are the tracks 'Jee Lo Yaaron', 'Ya Rabba' and 'Theme Of Charles'.

All in all, 'Main Aur Charles' is the coolest movie of 2015 so far, and must not be missed. The line told by Amod Kant towards the end of the film 'Jeet hamesha sachchai ki hoti hai, par buraai kabhi haarti nahin ' will stay with you after you've left the theatre.

My rating - 10/10