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Filmed over a 10-year period, Making a Murderer is an unprecedented real-life thriller about Steven Avery, a DNA exoneree who, while in the midst of exposing corruption in local law enforcement, finds himself the prime suspect in a grisly new crime. Set in America's heartland, the series takes viewers inside a high-stakes criminal case where reputation is everything and things are never as they appear.

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Making a Murderer movie full length review - He's innocent all right

It deserves a 10 for its intensity, but I didn't like the fact that it was pretty one-sided and thus you couldn't know after e10 if he was guilty or not (and why no court in America believed in him!

!). It was one-sided just to make it more intense, as they tried to make entertainment. Nonetheless, this isn't really entertainment anymore, is it? When you think of it as an empathetic human being, this is sickening. I don't blame the makers though, because he's innocent. Why? Let me tell you/myself.

Firstly, he didn't do it the first time either, and he went to jail for that for 12 years (18 minus the 6 for driving that woman of the road). People didn't believe him in 2002, although a lot went wrong in that prosecution as well. Hardly anyone believed in him until the day he got released in 2003. Please understand that people have a natural tendency to believe in authority and how they won't hurt them. That's what we've been learning from childhood. Nobody wants to believe that the police didn't just plant it, but also killed Teresa Halbach... Secondly, Teresa Halbach (TH) had been missing since the day the Avery Bill passed. How f'ing coincidental is that. I don't mean the fact that it happened that same day, but it just shows so well that the Manitowoc police must've felt silly and exposed; and moreover, very scared about their future... Thirdly, he has no motive. Manitowoc clearly did have one to frame him. I never hear anyone talk about that... Fourthly, it would be the dumbest murder of all time: when she's at his house making pictures (sure, kill her now, because no one will suspect you then), while he has a car crusher he leaves the car on his terrain, he asks his moronic cousin to help for some reason, and he burns her body WITH him. Avery isn't smart either, but.. yeah... Fifthly, Bobby Dassey says he saw her RAV4 at 2:30, whereas both Brendan's bus driver and a random propane filler (normally filling up around the same time each day) saw her car near Avery's trailer at 3.30 (leaving, according to propane-guy, although he didn't see who was behind the wheel). Bobby Dassey's alibi is his step dad, who has Bobby as HIS alibi, at 3:00. Sixthly, from the start all authorities point in one direction, and one direction ONLY: Steven Avery. Not too cautious after you falsely put him in jail... Seventhly, Monitowoc County keeps interfering, talks about him as if he's guilty from the beginning ("if we wanted to eliminate him, it would be easier to eliminate him than to frame him" and "in order to prove a guilty man is guilty, it doesn't matter if the key was planted"), Lenk keeps coming into his searched trailer etc. Eightly, Brendans' confession is clearly ridiculous. Ninthly, where is the blood: I haven't heard one logical explanation for how the non-genius Steven exactly did it so cleanly. Tenthly, TH's moved bones, the key, the opened blood sample... There went Manitowoc's evidence.

You're reading the words of someone who, on a personal level, was quite disappointed because he didn't get to know whether Steven was guilty or not . I've been doubting his innocence because the documentary was very biased, I saw the interview with Jodi and I read about Kratz' additional evidence (although his credibility is very low by now). It is healthy to have reasonable doubt, as this documentary has clearly showed, but remember that Avery's story is too weird to just believe it. It's easier to believe he just killed it, than to believe in another theory. If the jury (who started their end discussion with seven votes for innocent, two neutrals and three for guilty) would have said he was innocent in 2005, everybody would have probably believed it . Yu know.