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A 34 year old single woman, Nancy, hung-over again, exhausted by the endless fruitless set ups by her friends, traveling across London to toast another 10 years of her parent's successful happy magical marriage runs in with a 40 year old divorcee, Jack, who mistakes her for his 24 year old blind date. Nancy, deciding to go with it, happens to hop on the most chaotic yet hilarious journey of her life which neither of them will ever forget.

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Man Up movie full length review - Not that funny! 2/10

Review: I really didn't think that this movie was that funny! The unbelievable storyline really does go a bit too far and the constant million words per minute script, got on my nerves.

Anyway, it's about a single woman, Nancy (Lake Bell), who is spilling her life story to her sister on the phone while she is on a train trying to get back home for her parents wedding anniversary. While she is on the phone, the woman sitting in front of her, hears the conversation and suggests that she should read the same book that she is reading. She then rudely cuts the conversation short and falls asleep and when she wakes up, she finds the book has been left for her, with a rude message inside. She then gets of the train to have a go at the girl but while she is chasing after her with the book in her hand, Jack (Simon Pegg) approaches her, expecting her to be the lady who gave her the book in the first place. Nancy then goes along with the blind date with Jack, even though she doesn't know anything about him and when they decide to switch of there phones so they won't get interrupted, the date goes quite well. After a while the whole situation becomes a right mess and Nancy has to come clean which forces Jack into a tricky position because he actually likes Nancy. All of the situations in this film were just to coincidental in my opinion. The jokes weren't that funny and the two main characters seemed to be babbling most of the time. For an American, Lake Bell done well with the English accent but her character got on my nerves after a while. Personally, I expected more of an intelligent comedy from Simon Pegg because the childish, pompous humour in this film, just made me cringe. On the plus side, it's pretty short and the predictable ending is sweet but it wasn't my cup of tea. Disappointing!

Round-Up: Simon John Beckingham, aka Simon Pegg, 45, really hit the big time in 2004 after the success of Shaun of the Dead. After a few slapstick comedies, he got a role in Mission Impossible III in 2006, as Benji Dunn and he also released the funny Hot Fuzz, which he also wrote. He then had the lead role in Run Fatboy Run and How to Lose Friends and Alienate People with Megan Fox and Jeff Bridges, which didn't go down too well with audiences but he soon bounced back as Scotty in Star Trek. Dream Role! After the disappointing Burke & Hare, he wrote and starred in Paul, which was hilarious in parts and in between a couple more Star Trek and Mission Impossible movies, he starred in the weird A Fantastic Fear of Nothing, the World's End, Hector and the Search for Happiness and the upcoming Absolutely Anything alongside Kate Beckinsale so he has been fairly busy both behind and in front of camera. He's had a bit of a roller-coaster career to date but now that he has his fingers in a couple of big franchises, he must be happy with his career so far. Anyway, the movie was directed by Ben Palmer who also brought you the first Inbetweeners movie. Personally, I thought that the script was weak and unfunny but I enjoyed the dancing scene to the Reflex (Duran Duran).

I recommend this movie to people who are into their romantic/comedy about man who meets the wrong girl on a blind date, that turns out to be the right girl. 2/10