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The story of two brothers: one who’s devoted to his family, the other who’s obsessed with the Manson Family.

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Manson Family Vacation movie full length review - liberals high jacking anarchism

this Manson theme has a good potential for a good movie

unfortunately liberal Hollywood is unable to implement this theme in any relevant to the theme way

here is a movie that tries to use Manson image to promote some liberal BS and mix in some family drama into the whole thing

the main character is well chosen but the acting script is awful

there is literally no point to the movie which could relate itself with the Manson philosophy

Manson wasn't a liberal. He was not a promoter of whatever kind of liberation.

Manson was a product of our society. He saw no hope in this world.

He was a simple man with a simple message - Do what you must and don't take any sh*t from anyone. There was no family values and relationship counseling involved in his message. No environmental or love issues as well.

Too bad liberals don't get it and they try to high jack anything that would help them promote their own ideas.

this movie is just using the Manson case in a most shameless way.

Absolutely disregarding the impact such cases have on society.

I felt like this was movie about John Lennon. All peachy and overly dramatic, not to mention it felt completely faked out.

It seems Hollywood is doing well turning any idea into their liberal slimy BS.

Manson was an anarchist. Someone who liberal don't like. But still they shamelessly use his image to promote their ideas. And they did it more then once.

Just can't keep their hands off a good image. They do it with all of the people who left an impact on society. They take their image and turn it into their liberal cloned BS.

No wander Manson killed actors. What an irony.