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Filmed at The Vic Theatre in Chicago, Marc Maron: More Later captures Maron as he dishes out compelling, raw, and wildly honest stand-up. In this brand new special, Maron tackles religion, relationships, rage, Skype sex and ice cream among other topics in the sheerly authentic way that only he can.

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Marc Maron: More Later movie full length review - The man has arrived as an all around entertainer

I have been a fan of the podcast for a long time and have caught his stand up acts for the last few times.

This one is a triumph of his growth as a performer, This style is like coming to know yourself better, correcting perception and maturing emotionally and spiritually. I relate to his thinking so much, I'm a couple of years older and have even more time practicing the principles on a path of sobriety. I laughed so hard in many parts and never felt like he missed the mark with any awkward jokes. Marc Maron has developed an interesting new gimmick of having an inner blogging critic commenting on the progress, it's a bit reminiscent of Jim Gaffigan's gimmick. It worked really well. Overall the whole flow and pacing of his act has really improved and I have to rate this as the best stand up performance among a field of other great talents.