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Due to an antiquated clause in her grandmother’s will, an ambitious young executive may lose her place at the family company unless she can get married by Christmas.

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Married by Christmas movie full length review - This is not a feel good Christmas flick

So the movie starts with a strong female lead who has been working hard for several years building the family business. Low and behold her sister rocks up to announce that she's getting married Christmas eve.

All hell breaks loss because apparently there is some family contract which states which ever girl marries first her new husband gets the business...WHAT, l know crazy talk right, but on no that's the premise.

If you want to watch a Christmas flick with a selfish sister, parents who let their daughter work hard to get passed over, then this is the movie for you. I on the other hand, enjoy my Christmas movies to make me feel good at the end and although often predictable, happy at Christmas.

All this movie will do is make you angry and ask why a channel like UP would even think this story line was worthwhile. Sorry people but I'll be sticking to my Hallmark movies from now on at Christmas.