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Eager contestants don big heads and furry suits to vie for the title of World's Best Mascot.

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Mascots movie full length review - Just Another Poorly Made "Netflix Original" (Best In Show - Part 2!)

I did have high hopes for this one. Netflix has made a huge push for subscribers to watch their latest venture as producers, creating what are called "Netflix Originals.

" Unfortunately always turn out poorly, with the likes of Chelsea Live! So clearly flopping immediately after their release. Almost every single production piece they've made has garnered less than two stars.

Trailers for Mascots truthfully had me excited. The sneak previews were somewhat entertaining and showed a semi-familiar cast with the likes of Zach Woods and Wayne Wilderson among them. But Woods is the only decent thing I can say after finishing this one...

The movie struck me as very similar to Best in Show (2000). The way it was filmed, the humor veered slightly and the pace of scenes. ...and what do ya know? I go and check out the directors of these two movies after writing the above few lines and guess what! Both were directed by Christopher Guest!

Suddenly It was clear why I was struggling to enjoy Mascots. It was an attempt to use an acclaimed director and have him pump out another movie using a past model that worked on previous work assuming that it would also then receive the same regard.

Everything felt like it was second-hand material. The humor seemed to be based on the very same jokes from Best in Show, the style in which the film was made is the same as Best in Show, and even some of the same cast members from Best in Show are playing similar roles to what they had in Best in Show (e.g. Jennifer Coolidge plays the spouse of an upper-class retiree)!

I think this alone should suffice as to why this is going to turn out in much the same way all of Netflix's other content has: poor ratings and eventually back down deep into the pits of darkness, but only after enough time has passed to push more original content on their viewership.

Sorry guys, I wanted to enjoy this, but you cannot expect to get much out of reinventing movies. Correlation does not imply causation, a concept that was apparently overlooked when attempting to use the same director in such an unbelievably different manner (aka. make a new version of your hit movie only change the dogs to mascots). Perhaps producing isn't going to work out. And it could be a strong signal that getting the rights to good content (e.g. Modern Family cough cough) would be a good way to improve on the current mediocre selection.

Because I honestly felt bad for both the director and several of the actors, I've decided to add one star to my rating.

----- 2/10 STARS -------- Review by Searsino -----