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A look at the life and music of legendary singer and civil rights activist, Mavis Staples.

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Mavis! movie full length review - Making a legend out of a legend.

A great documentary that introduced me to some great music.

The history of the Staples family and their course though rock and roll is made rich and iconic by the filmmakers. I say this from the perspective of a man who only knows the family by only one of their hits (I'll take you there).

The doc is called Mavis because even though it tells the story of the entire Staples family, a gospel group who put down a foundation for Rock n Roll the story is mostly told and focus on Mavis Staples, the only living member of the group who still actively performs and records.

Mavis's story is about a young child from a family of talented people who just seems born to performs on stage and refuses to stop, proving your only as young as you feel.

It was a fascinating look back at a pioneer in music and it opened my eyes to some new music that I need to track down. A great promotion.