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When Tom learns that he has terminal brain cancer, he decides to find a replacement husband for his wife and a father to his daughter, before it is too late. Unbeknownst to his wife Valentine, Tom sets up an on-line dating profile for her, and realizes that he doesn't know much about her anymore. Tom endeavors to get to know Valentine, and learns why he fell in love with her all those years ago... just in time to say goodbye.

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Meet My Valentine movie full length review - Sick (also literally), controlling lead character

I don't understand , how some people like this movie. It is not even romantic or funny, its just annoying. The lead character is so controlling. Love without freedom is not love at all.

Controlling and deciding all the other's lives and call it "caring". Nice excuse, isn't it? Bit shocked to see many people liking it and writing a good review. I don't know, how would anyone like a dying partner, who tries to choose who should be with his wife, when he dies. New level of being controlling. I think the people who liked it would be happy, if he had found a future husband for his daughter, before dying. and I don't know what is romantic in the movie.Just a dying man with sick ideas.

only plus is good looking cast.