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After popular and charismatic megachurch leader Hamilton Spears commits suicide, his teenage daughter Hannah's life goes off the rails. The only thing keeping her together is her new boyfriend, Oliver. When she finds evidence pointing to a church conspiracy and threats toward her father, she is determined to prove that Hamilton's death was murder not suicide. As she gets closer to the truth, she realizes her own mother may be involved in her father's murder...and that the boy she is falling in love with is the son of his killer.

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Megachurch Murder movie full length review - Really bad!

This was the worst movie ever! The acting was poor, the storyline weak and the predictable. In order to post it says you must have 10 lines, but this movie was so bad, I can imagine writing 10 lines about it.

I mean blackmailing gay youth pastors into drugging a main character is just one example of how poorly written and acted this movie was. The scene on the bridge was by far one of the poorest scenes ever written. They kept yelling, "She killed Marcus!" I wanted someone to kill them all to end this horrific movie. It's so bad that I couldn't stop watching because I knew it had to eventually end. The ending was something out of a Horrible Shakespearean tragedy! I am continuing to write because I want everyone who reads this to know how sick, sad and sorry this movie was. If you have something else to do like watch paint dry, watch the flowers grow, organize your closets, alphabetize your books, watch the rain come down, cut your toenails, or do any other activity that you hate doing. In the words of James Brown, PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! do anything and everything else but watch this movie!