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Rainfall Films and director Sam Balcomb present a live action short set in the Metroid universe, starring Jessica Chobot and America Young.

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Metroid: The Sky Calls movie full length review - If this was made to encourage a feature, it fails

Someone posted a link to this video on a website and I have to say that even if fans of the Metroid games would love to see a feature about Samus' adventures, they'd certainly not want it to be anything like this!

The idea of this short seems to be to set up the rest of the story, leaving us to wonder if a feature is indeed on its way, however, the dull and bland 11 minutes we're presented with is absolutely nothing to be inspired by, and if this does go on to be a feature, I certainly won't expect great things from it.

Verdict: if you enjoy Samus and all things Metroid, just stick with the games.