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An ambitious lobbyist faces off against the powerful gun lobby in an attempt to pass gun control legislation.

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Miss Sloane movie full length review - I'm just a dumb redneck

This is my first for his review of a movie only because I never felt so strong about a subject matter to write one.

I have not seen this movie but I have every intention to when I don't have to pay $10. Another reason I wrote this review is when I read a previous one and felt that I needed to set the record straight to that progressive, elitist, self righteous, uninformed, snide individual who wrote it.

First of all I am not some knuckle dragging inbred, troglodyte that us Second Amendment supporters are smeared to be by the left. My wife and I are educated professional people. In contradiction to the way people like to smear gun owners the way they do.

Anyone with any understanding of the constitution would know that we would have no constitution or country if it wasn't for the Second Amendment. Our right as citizens to own guns has nothing to do with hunting " that was just a given by our founding fathers to feed ourselves " but it was to guarantee that tyrannical government could never rain power on its normal citizens.

Of course this is a political motivated movie anyone and everyone in Hollywood who is important is surrounded by armed guards and would never live the life that they impose on us. Safe to say it is people like this Snob who are EXACTLY The reason why Donald Trump crushed that constitutional hating woman in the bid for the presidency. All of America knew her disdain for guns and that common sense gun laws crap is nothing but a way to chip away at our right to bear arms. All Americans agree even us gun owners do not want guns in the hands of people that wish to do good citizens harm.

We just want the right to be able to shoot back at those wishing to do us harm plain and simple am I losing you yet?

The person who wrote that post is absolutely right I do have a narrow mind. my narrow mind will always stand by my right to defend my family and even YOU The anti-gun liberal voter when the shooting occurs. It's kind of funny that anybody who spews what you spew will be the first one cowering behind me when I can deliver justice to a criminal that could care less about your "why can't we all get along" views.

Could you just please go back to your shallow bubble with your self-righteous hate for my law-abiding ass and don't expect me to defend you and your family when bad people want to end your candy ass life .

I also like the comment that we are intimidated by an intelligent strong woman. Just another stereotype you wish was true. My very intelligent strong wife I'm pretty sure what disagree with that.

Thank you for reading my opinion Best of luck for all of you global open minded progressives to try to finally destroy our rights given to us by our founding fathers. you had eight years to do it but the American people spoke loud and voted! I believe that will be the last time you children will either be in charge!