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A comedy focused on a teacher who chaperones a group of high schoolers to a state drama competition.

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Miss Stevens movie full length review - Miss Stevens: Nice to watch and easy to like.

A quality movie, nice to watch and easy to like. An amazing story about love, life and commitment.

Julia Hart, who wrote (together with Jordan Horowitz, her husband) and directed it, created a deeper and more convincing female character (Miss Stevens) than any male Author could ever do. And the talented Lily Rabe played it with infinite art.

Such craftsmanship couldn't go unnoticed. And it hasn't: Lily Rabe already won South by Southwest Special Jury Recognition for Best Actress. And Julia Hart got a nomination for Grand Jury Award - Narrative Feature, at the same conference.

A mention to 'America' (the Band): the movie would not have been the same without their 'Sister Golden Hair, 1975'?