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When a scientist and a pilot volunteer for a high profile space mission they are told their goal will be to do what no one has ever done before to find the end of the universe. After 13 years in space the ship crashes through the end of the known universe and into the unknown......

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Mission 88 movie full length review - In Space You Can Get Bored

The slow pacing towards the beginning had me warming towards Mission 88, as the UK DVD issue is titled.

The story concerns a mission to find "the end of the universe", a 13 year space journey by two astronauts, played by Casper Van Dien and Sean Maher, and the strange things that occur on the journey, and the tensions between the two men. Initially I thought, how refreshing,a science fiction film set in space that's not a mind-numbing, set your brain to auto blockbuster, and one that conveys perfectly the tedium and isolation of a long journey into space. Ever since reading Michael Moorcock's "The Black Corridor" when I was still at school, that simple theme has appealed to me. The atmosphere created even suggested that SF classic, Silent Running. Sadly, this film is no classic, and suffers from expecting too much from its audience, and is far too ambitious both in narrative structure and basic plot. Whether the plot revolved around multiple universes overlapping with each other, or a cataclysm caused by the ship reaching its "end of universe" destination, I am not sure, and towards the end I ceased to care. A great shame, as on the way there was much to hold the interest, some suspense and even humour. The Honeymooners spoof sequence in black & white was a pleasant surprise initially, but it led nowhere and did nothing. I couldn't work out whether the sets were low-tech on account of budget, or an integral part of the film's intended ambiance, though I suspect the latter, with songs like "16 Tons" and "The Letter" on the soundtrack. I can't rate a film highly that leaves so much interpretation to guesswork. 2001 A Space Odyssey, despite many reviews when it came out that were basically "What was that all about?", made perfect sense and was carefully plotted by a science fiction master. Plaudits here for a rare attempt by US film-makers to create something out of the ordinary, but writers and directors should run these things past somebody before time, money and effort is so wasted. Or was the film, like 2001 on first release, a little ahead of its time? I don't think so.