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A horror based psychological thriller set in an altered world where one man's perception of reality becomes distorted as his existence keeps being thrown back in time -- specifically "Monday At 11:01 A.M."

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Monday at 11:01 A.M. movie full length review - Cleaver yes, but not all that interesting

The movie starts with a really cool murder scene at the beginning of the flick that really grabs your attention in the opening credits.

Then it falls off quickly, as we get to know Micheal, a rich A-hole who takes his really hot girlfriend on a trip to a remote town in the mountains, and becomes haunted by events that happen in the hotel he's staying at in room 327. It seems like the idea of the picture is that he starts out like a jerk, and the more we get to know him the more we can relate to him and become sympathetic. That never happens for me. From beginning to end, I feel nothing for this guy. Everything is just too bland.

The only good spot was the legendary, Lance Henriksen. He was the only actor I recognized and it shows, cause his season thespian chops made the most basic lines come to life, at least in comparison to the other actors.

The movie's overall plot does grab you again by the end of the film. I thought how everything connected together was a brilliant Idea, but the character development did not hold my interest enough until the big reveal.

So it started off strong and ends good, but the in-between loosen whatever hold It had on me at the beginning of the film, making the end not worth the time.