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Intersecting stories with different moms collide on Mother's Day.

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Mother's Day movie full length review - Don't forget her. Oh wait too late.

My review of Mother's Day (spoiler free)

** (2/5)

Cast: Jennifer Anniston, Kate Hudson, Julia Roberts with Jason Sudeikis and Timothy Olyphant.

Plot: Three generations come together in the week leading up to Mother's Day.

Films about international holidays that take a comedic edge don't go down well just like Christmas with the Coopers (2015), and this is joining them. Just like all those other films about holidays, this one isn't funny even slightly and also, no story-line what so ever and when it comes to the characters there is no development. Writer/Director Garry Marshall who is also known for many TV comedies like Mork & Mindy (1978-82) decides to just write the funny lines in this movie but doesn't bother to do any actual story, which is needed in a comedy it's like the core ingredient. Coincidentally this is the fifth film with Anniston and Sudeikis all comedies they are usually a duo that work well together except in this it feels like their characters were rushed.

Anniston plays a character called Sandy a mother of two who through the entirety of the film it feels like she is missing something, after being divorced and swapped for a more younger and sexier woman by ex-husband Henry (Olyphant), and then ditched by her two boys who love the younger woman more. Anniston's character is very interesting because she just feels lonely and she makes you feels sorry for her. Jason Sudeikis plays Bradley who is same ball-pit as Sandy he is a father of two but after the recent death of his wife he is trying to find someone new you get the whole story already and that is pretty the entire film well apart from some other bits. Even with an appearance from British Comedian Jack Whitehall as Zack who coincidentally plays a comedian in the film, it still doesn't make this any better.

Here are some points as to why this comedy should be avoided:

No story: All this film is trying to get through is celebrate the most important person in your life but it actually takes ages for it to get to that day, and once it does it is just as equally disappointing as the other days. The story is supposed to say through the entire film "don't forget her", that point wasn't clear as I said there is no story, Garry Marshall should just go back to TV because that is what he's good at and not this.

Not Funny: The film's initial genre specifically says it is a comedy but it doesn't feel like one because it just isn't funny. Even Jack Whitehall who is known for comedy doesn't this a funny experience. To be fair it doesn't feel like a drama either and really this just seems a film that shouldn't have been done just like those other films about holidays.

The one good thing about this film is the use of a soliloquy which is basically taking on your own without anybody else hearing you. Now these soliloquy's are said by Sandy (Anniston) and they are unique in film like this as I can recall I think there has only been one other comedy that has done that, and that is The Big Short (2015). The bad thing about the soliloquy in this is that it doesn't get the point across which is what they are made to do.

In conclusion try to forget this even exists and well it will probably flop just like Christmas with the Coopers, did and it turns out you don't need to watch a film to know that you do need to celebrate the most important thing in your life.

Verdict: Rushed, no story and the whole experience is just one that could have been missed. It's already gone but every year don't forget your mother you don't need a film to know that.

4/10 Poor.