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Love for the same woman causes conflict between an over-achieving blind athlete and the brother who made him that way.

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My Blind Brother movie full length review - It lacked more laughs...

I must admit that I had initially expected a bit more from "My Blind Brother", given the synopsis of the movie. So it was a little bit disappointing that the movie didn't fully deliver up to what I had expected it to.

The story in "My Blind Brother" is about the rivalry of two brothers; blind Robbie (played by Adam Scott) and Bill (played by Nick Kroll) whom both happen to fall in love with same woman Rose (played by Jenny Slate).

While there certainly were some good and funny moments throughout the course of the movie, I just felt that there was something missing from the movie to add that special ingredient to it. And it felt like most of the scenes weren't really fully utilized to the extend of what they could have been.

The story told in the movie was adequate, and it had potential to be much more than it actually turned out to be at the hands of director Sophie Goodhart.

The acting in "My Blind Brother" was alright, and the two lead actors did a good job in carrying the movie.

"My Blind Brother" lacked a certain key element of comedy that would have me in laughs. I was merely smiling or chuckling at best at some of the scenes throughout the movie. And that was also a disappointing factor to the movie, because I had expected more comedy from it.

All in all, then "My Blind Brother" scores a mediocre five out of ten stars from me, as it didn't really live up to what I had expected, and it didn't really bring anything unique or particularly memorable to the comedy genre.