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Mary’s life has been defined by a string of temp jobs and a half-hearted attempt to become a writer. But all that changes when she comes home to find her boyfriend dead in front of the TV set. During her misadventures in trying to get rid of his ashes, Mary discovers that there was much more to her couch potato boyfriend than she ever thought imaginable.

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My Dead Boyfriend movie full length review - An overlooked comedy

A lighthearted comedy about a young girl discovering the very colorful past of her so-so dead boyfriend. Everything about this movie is fun and funny!

It's not a big belly laugh comedy but the script and the acting keep the pace in a semi dark comedy mood. My Dead Boyfriend is about a girl discovering way too much about the deceased boyfriend he totes around in a cremation urn everywhere she goes! Heather Graham gives a top drawer performance as 'the girlfriend' pursuing the boyfriends past.

There is not too much I can say about this movie other than it is great fun and each actor shines in their role. I suggest if you see this movie by all means give it a watch and you will enjoy.