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When runaway teenager Chelsea is mistakenly killed by her friend Brittany's pimp, Brittany returns to what remains of the family Chelsea left years ago. Brittany's doing her best to get by under her assumed identity, until the truth begins to emerge. Then the vengeful pimp shows up.

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My Life as a Dead Girl movie full length review - not the worst

Brittany (Cassandra Scerbo) is a Portland prostitute working for vicious pimp Oscar Jackson (Chad Rook). Brittany befriends runaway foster kid Chelsea (Kirsten Prout).

Oscar mistakenly kills Chelsea and Brittany decides to assume Chelsea's identity. Chelsea's aunt Kim (Keegan Connor Tracy) hasn't seen her since she was a child and wants to adopt her.

It's one of those TV movies at the level of Lifetime. It's the worst grading it on the curve. The acting is functional. The most compelling story is the bullied high school girl. The fake dead girl story is tabloid fare. The ending is forced and quick. Overall, it doesn't really exceed that Lifetime level.