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My Stupid Boss recounts the story of an absurd boss and his employees. Bossman (Reza Rahadian) is an Indonesian who owns a company in Kuala Lumpur. A large but disorganized company. The culprit for the disarray in the organization is the bossman himself. His first principle of management is that Bossman Is Always Right. Which means whatever the Bossman fancies, he'll get it done. And that is his following principle: Impossible We Do Miracle We Try. In the midst of this is Diana, the Bossman's secretary, who has to juggle at every turn with the odds that never seem to add up in the company. Diana's daily confronted with her boss's antics and her patience and good sense are all put to the test.

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My Stupid Boss movie full length review - A movie that serves direct relate-able humour, witty lines, and great comedic timing.

A wonderful movie to watch. This movie represents what a good comedy movie should be; direct relate-able humor, witty lines, and great comedic timing.

The vivid colored cinematography is well thought out. The actors are natural. The background music is well composed(using strong french influences) and is spot on - kudos to the composer. All the elements reminded me of the movie Amelie. The only minor downside to this movie was the plot development and the direction it was going. It seem to miss a certain luster towards the turning point. Overall, I enjoyed the movie very much. A recommended movie to watch together with family and friends for a good laugh.