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Mallister takes Thane prisoner and forces Marek and her team on a quest. Marek tracks down the Necromancer for a final showdown for the Darkspore.

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Mythica: The Necromancer movie full length review - mirror, mirror, on the wall, who's the biggest c%^t of all?

To answer is a close call between Hercules and Marek. But on to the review. In the first 10 minutes of the movie Hercules states that he purposely sacrificed one of his group to prevent the Darkspore for falling in the wrong hands.

And the Marek goes in a boring journey like in LOTR to be convinced that the only way to prevent Szorlok from succeeding is sacrificing her friends. Because apparently they will be killed just by following her regardless of her choices. Now of course like always the person that basically is asked to save the day is Dagen but again he gets nothing out of it because she just can't give him even a kiss, she just can't... cough cough bullshit... Oh and if you thought the dialogue in the previous movies of the series were poor then you must check this one out. I cannot understand how come everyone says 2000 gold or 600 gold just in old games. Problem is no speaks like that in real life, because it does not make sense. 200 what of gold? crowns, ducats, pieces, grams, kilos? You cannot just say 200 gold and leave it at that. But to be fair to the movie there is one scene that in my opinion is brilliant: the redhead tells marek: I am amazed you speaking so highly of love? Do I seem so unfeeling? (translation: do I seem so cold-hearted?) You do seem to ignore Dagen's feelings for you! (translation: your heart is cold as ice biatch!) or something like that. At which she makes a face like Whaaat? I had no ideeeaaa! even though he endangers his life a number of times to save hers without anything to prompt him to do so. You may say thane did the same but Thane was saved by death by her and made an oath so he was bound to defend her. On the other hand Dagen was just an unpaid mercenary, he owed no allegiance. oh and even though he frickin' tells her this directly at the beginning of the movie.