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Natural Selection is a story of triumph and absolution. It explores both sides of human nature, where love as well as hate are separated by a thread and the potential corrosion of ones soul by the influence of evil.

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Natural Selection movie full length review - A rising star, not given enough credit, but if we watch and if groomed by the right manager could be the Next IT person!

This film wasn't that well thought out as far as the writing goes, but i do think one actor stands out in the whole cast and certainly should be at the top of all the actors lists.

It certainly wasn't about the characters that filled in the gaps, it was about the pain one child held over losing his girl friend, years earlier, and how THAT pain became corrosive, over time, with no one to help him as he went down in his own sinking ship...NOT About the passive youth (supposed to be the protagonist, but lacked gusto?) And his mother (poor actress all around) who'd lost the father to suicide, years earlier. The actor by the name of Ryan Munzert deserves a lot more credit then he got on the list of actors, as his name is at the bottom, when he out acted anyone of the popular actors or what was supposed to be the main actors. He really does play an antagonist well, but I could see him being the protagonist and showing him as being passionate in that role, as well. He has the it, thing going on and is quite notable in his efforts. Watch for him. Though Kathrine Macnamera, stars in mortal instruments I.V. show, she didn't do this film much justice. Munzert was in whole different league. I suggest we watch out for this kid...IF He plays his cards right, he will work on all types of roles and wont get pigeon holed, like many good looking young men do early in their careers. Id give the over all theme a 5 and the acting about a 6.7 overall, with Munzert more than pulling his part, out, at a 7.8. I don't know why the whole "Jesus thing", was thrown in at the end, really ruined it for me...the reason for the title and the tract of the theme was not a religious argument, though some one wanted to make sure they made a point that did not fit, here? As usual someone for the religious path, has to ruin a story by making it about religion, when its just so simple; its about life. The pain left to rot inside a soul, turns sour, while pain that is dealt with and released, can be turned into something usable and can CREATE LIFE, to help others in pain, in some way. It always comes down to a choice and whether the adults in charge are willing to help the youth, around them, dump the old baggage and find purpose in their lives. Sadly it should have ended with the young man who wanted to save the boy, not leaving his side, as he fell to his death. If you want to throw religion in there, that is what love and god are about...LOVING In spite of someone doing the wrong things do to past pain.