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Young newlywed Kristin begins to doubt her husband Jay's love when his aunt and rival is found murdered. Kristin starts to investigate the death, and Jay's checkered past, only to become his next target. Starring: Shenae Grimes-Beech, Samantha Ferris.

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Newlywed and Dead movie full length review - ***1/2

A woman quickly weds her boss of 2 months and the mayhem starts. Immediately, it is seen that she resembles his late mother, who he managed to push down the stairs to her death years before.

The guy is a loving, caring young man but a real psychopathic killer on the other hand. Wealthy, he is fighting with his aunt and others over what he wants done at the huge property that the family owns.

The bride's mother is a sheriff who is always on the ball and immediately mistrusts her new son-in-law.

He conveniently gets rid of his aunt and bribes officials to call it a suicide.

The main surprise here is the aunt's will so we know how the guy is going to react towards his wife.

Interesting tale with good acting by all.