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A lonely war veteran psychologically unravels ahead of an old friend's impending visit.

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Nightingale movie full length review - An unsettling one man show

This is one of the most uncomfortable movies that I've ever watched, it does an amazing job of taken you into the mind of a man who is broken and obsessed.

If you're looking for how madness is typically portrayed in movies with cackling, crazy eyes, or erratic movements, then this isn't your movie. If you're expecting an engaging plot, with shocking twist and turns, then look elsewhere, as you'll also be disappointed with the movie. This movie is for those who want a character study, one of a man who is socially broken and unaware, and his spiral deeper into madness. It's a very grounded portrayal which has the positive of making the movie unsettling because of how realistic it feels.

Of course, because the movie is so unsettling, it can certainly turn people off from wanting to watch it. It's also not engaging in the typical Hollywood way; while captivating, I don't really think it's an enjoyable film. So if you like having a good time in your movies, you'll hate this one.

The feel of the movie is very similar to what I would expect to see on stage, essentially a one man show with the single location and communication with the audience. This unique feel makes the movie feel more intimate, though I can see why someone would be put off by it; so if you really dislike plays, I'd probably avoid it.

David Oyelowo gives an extraordinary performance that oozes off the screen, and feels like a real person. I actually know someone in real life with a similar personality, so it was truly eerie to see and get to know a character like Peter, because of how rooted he was.

Overall the movie was well shot and the performance was great, but it's not something I ever want to see again. And I already know that there are a lot of people who won't like this movie, as it has a very specific audience. At the very least I recommend checking the movie out, you'll know by the 30 minute mark if it's your type of movie. If by then you're not into it, then you really won't enjoy it.