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After Brooke and her boyfriend Lance have a car accident, Lance’s leg injury requires him to be bedridden with at-home care. When an attractive nurse, Chloe, is recommended to them, she seems perfect for the task. However, when her troubled past comes to light, it becomes apparent to the happy couple that someone is out to destroy their lives.

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Nightmare Nurse movie full length review - Clearly Unaware of what Nurses Do......

Where do I even begin with this movie?

Perhaps I should start with the grammar--who ends a sentence with 'for'? What did she do this for? What did he act like that for? Really?! That right there should have tipped me off that this was going to be a BAD Lifetime movie. :(

The medical jargon--whoever wrote the script clearly copy & pasted anything medical from a quick google search.

For Brooke to be so awesome that she was promoted to sous-chef, we never actually saw her cook a thing! Heck, she didn't even stir a pot! And the chef was quite the diva--completely over the top!

Also, what kind of nurse (RN, LPN, whatever) is a nanny? Lance was in his right mind and able to administer his own meds. What he needed was home health physical therapy, not a licensed nurse to do his laundry, cook his meals, and obviously overdose him on meds.

The entire movie moved entirely too slowly for the ending to be so rushed that Barb was revealed in the last five minutes as the true villain. I do not suggest this movie to anyone.