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The story of the late jazz musician and classical pianist Nina Simone including her rise to fame and relationship with her manager Clifton Henderson.

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Nina movie full length review - Post Dallas Massacre

I guess I picked a "sensitive " time to watch this movie, and not be afraid to say that I liked it. As a Caucasian, I'm supposed to steer clear of anything even remotely associated with Black Movements.

I see a huge racial divide in the last 2+ years, only to rise. Folks I've known for some time appear to speak and write on different social media sites, without any concern of being labeled racists. I'm sure they have always felt this way, but only talked about it with family or close friends. The filter they once had, today is gone, regressing to 1968. Considering the tense racial situation, I find it hard to understand the backlash Zoe Saldana is receiving from her own ethnic group. Not enough injustice from one group..., let's add some more! Instead of praising this actress for taking on the challenge, we're tripping over being lighter then a brown paper bag. No credit for her performance , the work on musical skills, mannerism and dialect study , plus the daily physical transformation. At least she was courageous enough to take a chance! Nina's music was not so popular with younger people of all races. A select group of white Manhattanites would play Nina's songs, while entertaining guests for dinner. Very select, indeed! If not for this film, the chain would've stayed broken. It could've been a national cultural disservice, another one to be added to the list that is too long.