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Homer's Odyssey meets King of Kong as two über geeks try to collect all 700+ Nintendo Entertainment System cartridges in 30 days, WITHOUT the aid of online purchasing.

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Nintendo Quest movie full length review - Awful! Depressing movie!

At the start of the film you meet Jay and his best friend. Jay has loved Nintendo since a child and wants to travel across North America in hopes to collect all Nintendo cartridges produced for the system.

The film has Jay's best friend as a narrator, explaining the quest and a little history of Nintendo and games (best part of film). The rest of the film follows jay slumping about retail stores, collectors and rummage sales trying to find and complete the collection. At no point in the movie does Jay seem happy about this quest or that he is enjoying himself. He picks up game after game with a little number tally of the games acumulated in the corner of the screen. He does not give any feedback what games are his favourite, why he has this passion or show any emotion when he does get a rare or good game.

Half way threw the film the subject switches to Jay's fathers passing. He tells the audience how he is happy he is dead, and how he was a tyrant. The only explanation given for his father being such a awful individual was that he did not like Video games? It was really hard not to turn the film off after this point!

After researching this film I found out it was a Kickstarter project which was donated around $40,000. Essentially people donated this money so a little spoiled brat could have a complete Nintendo collection and received a subpar movie with no passion or substance