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Alison Brie portrays a high school art teacher in the small town. She is about to begin an affair with the married high school football coach, played by Colin Hanks, who disappears down a an inter-dimensional hole that opens up in her living room floor.

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No Stranger Than Love movie full length review - Unmagical Realism

This is a mixed bag. I can't recommend a pay-per-view, but it is better than average network RomCom variety and there are some redeeming social values. I was expecting something funny and original.

There was some humor and originality, but it didn't progress. There was this made-for-TV religious movie feeling throughout most of the film. The creepy small-town seemed to be the plight of the main character, but you quickly see that shallow waters run very deep in the major players of the film. If there were a few script modifications, this could have been a good film, the actors could have pulled it off. There were a few Recognizable actors and the camera work was good.