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A young couple on a weekend getaway inadvertently intrude on a criminal couple's remote hideout, triggering a violent battle for freedom. Escape attempts, shifts of power, relationship issues and a looming secret fuel this confrontational encounter.

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Nobody Can Cool movie full length review - See it

I bought this movie after reading the Jezebel articles about it and the directors. This in one hella good movie. I watch and support a lot of Indie movies and this one is truly special and original as an Indie and as a genre movie.

It's exciting to see something well executed and new at the same time. Something that I wish more filmmakers would try to do instead of copying what's already been done many times over. This movie does a remarkable job of mixing gripping scenes with humor creating an unusual fun experience. I did read the reviews before I purchased this film. It was interesting to read all the praise for Nick Prinicipe's job as the villain and the reviews are 100% accurate. He plays a mix of evil and funny and is a joy to watch. But I was surprised at the lack of recognition for the 2 female actresses. First, Catherine Annett, who plays Susan, delivers a subtle and strong performance as a someone who is at the end of her rope trying to survive a night of madness. She has determination, smarts and is willing to fight when necessary. There is a surreal escape scene with Annet that has so much tension and innovative, and the direction and her performance make it feel like a dream. Likewise, Nikki Bohm, who plays the female villain creates a pregnant badass and is totally fun to watch. She's like a mustache twirling evil sexy monster. This is one of the most unique portrayals of a pregnant woman on film. I agree with the review I read that this is a powerful debut movie. I want to see what the directors Dpyx do next.