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When a pop-star cousin comes to stay, a family's once normal life changes drastically.

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Now Add Honey movie full length review - ...and plenty of bubbles

Mediocre reviews are not necessarily indicators of mediocre films. This is definitely the case with N.H.A., a fast paced, socially aware film.

This Aussie-tralasian comedy features both farce and farce paced witty dialogue.While the movie is mainly light in tone, it is unafraid to toss in some reality ; on the way to a (Thankfully, considering the subject matter.) happy ending. Some of the best lines pass by faster than a Hollywood car chase, but are delivered believably by a uniformly strong cast. There is a large rota of characters needing incentive and motivation, the film delivers this. NA.H. is age, body, and life positive; with out claiming life is perfect. It says we have the right to feel good about ourselves, and is kind enough to allow us all to feel good for an hour and forty minutes. That has to be a good thing.